Lkw zum Wohnwagen: “Auf dieser Straße ist nicht genug Platz für uns beide.”

Es ist ein unüberlegtes Überholmanöver des Fahrers mit dem Campinggespann, das zu einem Trümmerfeld aus Wohnwagenteilen führt.

Online Redaktion
Veröffentlicht am 08.04.2015

Der Lkw-Fahrer kann seit dem Unfall nicht schlafen, sein Hergang ist für ihn unerklärbar:

“Ok just to set the record straight as I can’t sleep. When I was stopped at the lights there was one car by the side of me the red one. There was a box van behind me that had been there from the time just after I came off the M5. We pulled off from the lights. I only have 6 tons on so was short shifting 480 horse truck gross weight no more than 22 to will get to 30 quite quick. As I was going through the gears the red car passed me I looked in the mirror and saw the box van was not trying to pass I did see a car and caravan but this was behind and to the right of the box van and looked like he was going to pull in behind the box van less than 8 – 10 seconds later glanced in the mirror as something caught my attention. This is when I hit the horn and the brakes as hard as I could. Stopped lorry in around 20 yards and got up on the curb as much as I dare as anyone who knows where this happened will tell you there are large concrete blocks just off the path where I stopped. I was not trying to block him out as estimates suggest he came through the lights at about 50 mph. Hope this makes sense as not had much sleep since. Oh and I am not a newbie. Had a class 1 for 24 years. Cheers.”